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Decimal odds are essential to modern betting, and that’s because decimal odds tell the person placing a bet how much they will receive if their bet succeeds. The decimal odds used in the betting world usually include the returned stake for a winning bet, so decimal odds of 2.00 would double the stake of the person betting. A winning bet of £50 at decimal odds of 2.00 would therefore result in the bettor receiving £100.

Before decimal odds were introduced, fractional odds were used to convey the same basic information (the payoff for a winning bet) but in a more complicated form. For example, odds of 13/8 told the bettor that a winning £10 bet would make a profit of £16.25. Unfortunately, for the bettor to make the link between fractional odds of 13/8 and the £16.25 profit figure, he would first need to know how to use them (the answer is to divide the left hand side of the odds by the right hand side and multiply by the stake). Those who didn’t know how fractional odds worked were therefore very much ‘in the dark’ about what the figures actually represented.


Decimal odds are easier

This illustrates quite clearly how much easier decimal odds are to understand and work with on a practical level. Whilst old-fashioned fractional odds may be steeped in tradition and regarded with a certain amount of sentimentality by some, the simple fact is that they are far too complicated for the digital age. Decimal odds, by comparison, are clean and straightforward and even those who are brand new to betting can easily get to grips with them,

Here at the Decimal Odds website we comprehensively cover the subject of decimal odds, their fractional predecessors and how to use all of the information provided in a simple and effective way. Exploring this Decimal Odds site will therefore give you a good overview of what decimal odds are all about, and should prove to be very helpful both for those bettors who are making the transition from fractional odds to decimal odds, and for those who are looking to work with decimal odds but have no prior fractional odds experience.

Although the introduction of decimal odds took substantially longer than the decimalisation of currencies, weights and measures, the user-friendly nature of decimal odds means that their introduction was well worth waiting for. But don’t just take our word for this, explore the information available at this site and discover the benefits of decimal odds for yourself!

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Did you know :
Betting exchanges have always favoured decimal odds over fractional odds becasue they are easier to understand when trading.

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